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Domo Tea

DOMO Vanilla Matcha

DOMO Vanilla Matcha

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Indulge in a health-conscious delight, a sublime temptation that won't make your feet twitch.

DOMO™ Vanilla Matcha showcases the same exceptional quality shade-grown green tea leaves found in our Pure Japanese Matcha, avoiding any lower-grade counterparts. It is delicately infused with vanilla and organic cane sugar. Plus, thanks to the presence of L-Theanine, a naturally occurring amino acid, you can savor the caffeine without the jittery sensation.

For optimal blending, we recommend using a bamboo whisk. Let your adventurous spirit take the whisk and give it a try!

Choosing micro-ground tea offers a healthier alternative to traditional steeped tea as you get to enjoy the entire leaf, providing enhanced nutritional benefits. Additionally, this method eliminates tea bag waste and reduces the hassle of using diffusers, simplifying the cleanup process!

For distributor or wholesale orders, please email or call 778-558-4785.

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