Tea-Connoisseur Turned Entrepreneur

DOMO Tea’s founder, Tammara Goertzen, has been infusing the world with flavors since 2001 when she first opened Ocha Tea bar. Brewing magic since then, she shares her love of tea & superfoods–one sip at a time! Featured on Dragons Den in 2008, her products are available across Canada in London Drugs, SaveOn Foods, Safeway and Thrifties.

Dragons' Den — A Small Business Owner’s Journey to Success

As devoted Dragons’ Den (the Canadian equivalent to Shark Tank) enthusiasts, the original founders of Domo had a dream – to present their brand and pitch on the show.

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Armed with burgeoning experience and growing sales figures, they resolved to transform their dream into reality and got an opportunity.

Seeking a financial boost of $50,000 in return for a 25% ownership stake, they approached the dragons. Ms. Forkutza explains, “At that juncture, we were hesitant to expand our business credit line.”

The funds were earmarked to fulfill orders for their immune-boosting Elixo tea and to bolster its marketing efforts. Robert Herjavec, the head of The Herjavec Group, and Brett Wilson, an investor and philanthropist, each offered $50,000 for a 50% stake.

Opting for Mr. Wilson’s offer, the founds accepted the offer.“During taping, Arlene Dickinson paid us a big compliment and said we were doing great and that we didn’t need the dragons’ money. We took that as a sign, extended our loan and things have been great.”

In a surprising turn of events, Tammara Goertzen and her team ultimately decided not to pursue the investment offer. Nevertheless, she’s delighted she took the leap and pushed her comfort zone during their appearance on Dragons’ Den.

Fast-forward to today, Tammara fondly recalls the entire experience as nothing short of amazing.