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Domo Tea

DOMO Elixo Cold-Buster Rooibos Tea

DOMO Elixo Cold-Buster Rooibos Tea

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This remarkable tea has garnered a devoted following for good reason. Unparalleled and exclusive, it has the power to revive you...well, perhaps just from a stuffy nose and sore throat. It's the ultimate comfort tea.

DOMO™ Elixo Rooibos Tea carries the bold punch of authentic Cayenne Pepper and invigorating Citrus notes. It also showcases the remarkable duo of Camu Camu (so delightful you can't help but say it twice) and Turmeric. A touch of organic cane sugar adds a delicate sweetness. Made with real, finely-ground Rooibos Tea and a blend of spices! For an extra touch, enjoy it with a frothy orange-juice topper.

Rooibos tea naturally lacks caffeine, making it a perfect choice for a soothing evening ritual.

Choosing micro-ground tea offers a healthier alternative to traditional steeped tea as you get to enjoy the entire leaf, providing enhanced nutritional benefits. Additionally, this method eliminates tea bag waste and reduces the hassle of using diffusers, simplifying the cleanup process!

For distributor or wholesale orders, please email or call 778-558-4785.

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